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I’m Taryn.

I call Johannesburg my home, and since 2014 I have been inspired by people who share my love of photography.

I take pride in capturing the realness and personality of my subjects, I do this by really connecting with my clients. I need to know what you want, what you adore and don’t like. Photography is not a static process. You don’t just take a photo – you make it. And this is the bit I love, I pour my soul into my sessions and leave a piece (of my heart, i guess) in it for you.

my photography style is sincere, creative and stylish. I favour lifestyle sessions and i am driven by my passion, coffee and the love of peanut butter.

If I could tell the 21 year me anything it would be this:

  • chase your dream earlier, don’t put it off
  • stop trying to be the same as everyone else
  • there is no such thing as too much peanut butter or coffee for that matter
  • you will survive having twin boys
  • being absolutely terrified means you are about to do something that really matters
  • don’t be afraid
  • practice gratitude
  • stop and take in the beauty of the world, especially when it looks like the sky is on fire.
  • never be afraid to love again


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